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The Passion for Pelargoniums, by Anne WilkinsonThe Passion for Pelargoniums

The pelargonium, often called geranium, is one of our most popular garden flowers – used for bedding, but also in pots and window boxes. Yet, how many people know its history? The plants we see today and love for their bright colours and compact habits, were developed from a huge number of species and cultivars, mostly originally from the Cape area of South Africa.

How these straggly sub-shrubs came to be loved for their colours and interesting scents is the story told in the book, starting in the 1600s when the first pelargoniums  were known in Europe, and following through the eighteenth century when they were sought after by wealthy collectors. Anyone who takes this plant for granted, should take the time to read this story and discover the secrets of the plant.

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Anne Wilkinson's new book on Shirley Hibberd successfully launched in Stoke Newington.


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